Friday, August 23, 2019

HPV Pros and Cons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HPV Pros and Cons - Essay Example Persistent high-risk HPV can cause problems cervical cancer. While pap tests can be used to test women for this disease, men have no HPV tests available. While there is no treatment for HPV itself, the health problems caused by it: genital warts, cervical cell changes and cancer of the vulva, cervix or anus can be cured. The controversy with this virus occurred when a vaccine was available for it in 2006 (Immunization Action Coalition). One of the most vital aspects of this vaccine is its inability to serve the very people it has been created for. Cases of HPV occur in women belonging to a low social status (Elsevier 2009). These women are unable to access a quality or any kind of screening tests. If these women are unable to access proper tests, the probability of them getting these new vaccinations is even lower. The idea of this vaccine is to provide an equal and balanced health system for every individual but it will be unable to do so if the majority of them women who are infected with the disease unable to afford it. There is an alternative view that this medicine will help young girls from being affected by a virus that is responsible for causing 7000 cases of cervical cancer (Gardner 2007). Thus, while the procedure might cost $360 for the three required shots; the benefits it reaps will have far-reaching and helpful effects. Gardner also claims that if private insurers cover the cost of the drug it can be made more readily available to the drug. In other words, profit-making organizations are asked to forget their personal motives and contribute to the general good. To provide proof of these moves to lower the cost of the drug, groups involved in the immunization process are asking the states to adopt this vaccination and provide it to the same low social classes who are greatly afflicted by this disease and unable to seek any kind of relief. However, there is a lingering doubt in the minds of many that this drug will not prove to be as

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