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Qulaity in Human Resource Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11000 words

Qulaity in Human Resource Managment - Essay Example Several researches and philosophies have been obtained by different researchers intending to improve the quality of human resource management in business organizations. For this particular review of literature, nine of such philosophies have been selected that are reviewed below. Evans and Lindsay (2008) in their studies discussed about Crosby’s philosophy of quality in human resources management. Philip B. Crosby was associated with International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) where he remained the corporate vice president for quality serving for a period of 14 years. He determined some of the essential elements of quality improvement that were named as Crosby’s Absolutes of Quality Management. According to his philosophy, â€Å"quality means conformance to requirements, not elegance† thus focusing on the fact that requirements in terms of quality need to be clearly stated such that misunderstandings do not occur (Evans and Lindsay 2008). It is the responsibility of the management to set the requirements trying to avoid non-conformances. The philosophy explains that there are no direct problems related to quality; rather problems are caused by departments that are in responsibility of managing and sustaining quality of work and productiv ity, for example, problems of manufacturing, problems of design, and so on (Evans and Lindsay 2008). According to Crosby, economical problems do not arise with quality management if the right job is done at the right time. Performance can only be measures in terms of the cost of the quality that reflects the cost of non-conformance. The basic elements that Crosby determined for improvement of quality included determination, education, and implementation. The top management of an organization needs to consider the quality improvement process seriously and make effective use of the managerial and organizational resources towards achieving such quality (Evans and Lindsay 2008). Wolper (2004) discussed in his studies

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