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Role of Public Health Practitioners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Role of Public Health Practitioners - Essay Example The main priorities of public Health policy in 2011 and 2012 includes controlling of death and dying, countering depression to promote emotional well being, achieving sexual and reproduction health and ensuring health at work. Through public health, the government in conjunction with the public health practitioners share the goals of giving every child the best start in life and enabling the children, the youth and the old people to utilise their potential and have control over their lives. It also plans to boost ill-health prevention and develop healthy and sustainable communities. The fair society healthy lives also seek to create fairness in accessing jobs and ensure healthy living standards for every citizen. Public health practitioners are the key implementers of any given health policy that is laid down. During their call to duty, they under go various challenges, rewards and experiences depending on a number of circumstances. This paper discusses the role of three public healt h practitioners Lucy Smith a public health manager in charge of mental well wellbeing, Sue Levi a consultant in public health medicine and Thara Raj a public health manager in sexuality and immunisation. ... s out time to time evaluation on the level of implementation of the public health policy on mental wellness and measure it outcomes after the implementation period. She organises, supervise and conduct trainings and meetings for local agencies, employers and school management teams to educate them on ways of improving and promoting the mental well being within their institutions. She continuously conducts research to find new ways of engaging the local authorities and agencies on ways that reduce health risks and promote the mental well being of the Lambeth residents. Some of the challenges that Lucy Smith faces as the one in charge of mental well being include failure to comply with the set down policies that promote a culture of participation, equality and fairness by employers and some learning institutions. This is because most employers are profit oriented and some of the policies designed do not work in support of making fast money. There is also limited number of psychological institutions that can offer counselling and mentorship advice to institutions and individuals in to promote mental wellbeing (Rowitz, 2009). Some of the approaches that are applied by Lucy Smith are through collaboration and the use of social media in promoting well being. One of such groups is â€Å"Mind Apples†. She clearly shows her support by saying that "We are thrilled to be working with Mindapples in our GP practices to get people talking about mental health in a positive way.† (Lucy Smith) Through this media, people are able to share positive thoughts on how they can stay positive in life and healthy too. Smith also promotes teamwork and collaboration among all the stakeholders in promoting mental well beings .For example, allocating specific topics of discussion to specific

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