Monday, October 28, 2019

Chemistry and Society Essay Example for Free

Chemistry and Society Essay Chemistry is a vast quantity of a person’s everyday life. A person can find chemistry in his or her daily life in the foods that a person eats, air a person breathes, soap, and accurately everything a person comes in contact with. Chemistry is significant in everyday life because chemicals make up everything in life. For example, a person’s body, pet, a desk, the sun, food, and drugs a person may take, to name a few. A person can observe changes in chemistry caused by chemical reactions, such as leaves changing colors, cooking food, and mixing a cleaning product. Knowing chemistry can help a person make day-to-day choices that affect his or her life. For example, if a person should mix certain household chemicals together. Accuracy is the magnitude in which a certain measurement agrees with the standard worth for that measurement (Dictionary, 2011). Precision is how close the measured standards are to each other (Math is fun, 2011). Society depends on accuracy and precision in everyday life. These two relationships are often substituted freely, but both have crucial differences. Businesses entail both accurate and precise measurements to stay in business. Accuracy states that something is constant with an identified rate, whereas precision is the volume of detail something delivers. Society depends on accuracy and precision in many places. One instance is the gas pumps. The gas pump can show accuracy when the gas is flowing, but this is not a precise measurement of how much gas is pumping through the pumps. Gas pumps must not only know how much gas is pumping through the pumps but also how precise the measurement of gas pumped. The gas companies need to know how much is pumped so that the company can charge the right amount for the gas. Sometimes in everyday life a person does not want to be precise. For example, if someone stops and asks for directions to the nearest gas station a person may say that the next gas station is about 10 minutes down the road. Providing directions to someone is a way a person can give accurate information. Another example is, when measuring a room in the house to paint and needing to know how much paint to provide. A person can either measure and provide a precise measurement or provide an accurate measurement on the room to paint. Another precision and accuracy a person may use in every day is how long it takes his or her child to finish the homework. An accurate answer is 20 minutes, but the precise answer would be 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Time is an excellent way to be accurate or precise. References (2011). Accuracy. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from Math is fun. (2011). Accuracy and Precision. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from

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