Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lindas and The Womans Stockings as a motiv of play death of a salesman Assignment

Lindas and The Womans Stockings as a motiv of play death of a salesman - Assignment Example In this essay we would be analyzing the motifs used in the story with special focus on the motif of the woman’s ‘stockings’. The first time the motif of the stockings appears in the play is when the characters are younger. Willy complains to Linda that he would be unable to pay the bills since people do not like him and he is bad at his job. It is at this juncture that he day dreams about his mistress who laughingly flirts with him and thanks him for the stockings he gave her. The image of the stocking portrays his infidelity and his deceit towards Linda because it is her stockings that he takes and gives it to his mistress. The image of the stockings appears again when Willy’s elder son Biff discovers his father with his mistress in their hotel room in Boston. The significance and meaning the stockings take on here is one of deceit and ingenuity. Biff accuses his father of giving the woman Linda’s stockings and hates him for it. The stockings in this context describes Willy’s ingenuity because he let’s his family down by going after a woman of cheap repute. As the story progresses, the stockings are shown to hold the significant meaning of Willy’s guilt. Willy becomes obsessed with Linda’s stockings and when he sees her mending some stockings he shouts at her and asks her to throw them out. The image of the stockings in this part of the story describes Willy’s remorse brought on by his infidelity. He is unable to bear the sight of the stockings because it reminded him of his infidelity towards his wife. The image of the stockings is used by the author as a metaphorical device to describe sexual infidelity and betrayal which are strong symbols in the story. The image of new stockings is very importantly used to depict Willy’s pride of being able to financially support his family and also to show his guilt in betraying

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