Monday, October 7, 2019

RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES - Essay Example Inflamed by environmental, security, economic and social concerns, regulations on energy have been in a flux. Majority of the changes are exhibiting impact on renewable energy. This cuts across from policies designed explicitly to promote energy sources that are renewable and some policies targeted to influence indirectly renewable energy barriers and incentives (Frass-Ehrfeld, 2009). Renewable energy is provided by the environment. Thus, practitioners should relocate from buildings closed environments to the exterior. This is not a big deal as our natural environment provides the fulfillment and the joy of renewable energy. The renewable energy sources are resupplied continuously by the solar or through tapping resources that are inexhaustible including geothermal power, wind and water among others (â€Å"NREL.U.S. Department of Energy†, 1997). The utilization of renewable energy modern technologies has contributed significantly to pollution reduction. Due to increased consumer demand, renewable energy technology has expanded significantly. For example, renewable energy is always scattered in the environment making it damn expensive and difficult to contain. According to Twidell and Weir (2006), renewable energy wide spread application would act in favor of communities that are dispersed in comparison to concentrated ones. In that case, powering of electricity grids will be based on embedded generation that is small-scaled. Therefore, power flows will move intermittently in divergent directions corresponding to local demand and local generation. As renewable energy is spreading at a faster speed, modern technology and science has a great influence on it. For instance, they have ensured that there is an improvement to the existing technologies. However, it is quite difficult to exactly predict the long-term impacts of the changes. As a matter of fact, renewable energy

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