Sunday, November 24, 2019

ADP 6-0 Mission Command Essays

ADP 6-0 Mission Command Essays ADP 6-0 Mission Command Paper ADP 6-0 Mission Command Paper What is Unified land operations the Army’s operational concept. accomplished through decisive action What is Mission Command the exercise of authority and direction by thecommander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within thecommander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct ofunified land operations. What is commander’s intent is a clear and concise expression of the purpose of the operation and the desired military end state that supports mission command What is Disciplined initiative is action in the absence of orders, when existing orders no longer fit the situation, or when unforeseen opportunities or threats arise What defines the limits within which subordinates may exercise initiative commander’s intent Commanders and subordinates are obligated to follow what lawful Orders Commanders and subordinates are obligated to follow what lawful Orders What are Mission orders directives that emphasize to subordinates the results to be attained, not how they are to achieve them What is Prudent risk a deliberate exposure to potential injury or loss when the commander judges the outcome in terms of mission accomplishment as worth the cost What is art of command the creative and skillful exercise of authority through timely decisionmaking and leadership. What is Authority the delegated power to judge, act, or command What is Control the regulation of forces and warfighting functions to accomplish themission in accordance with the commander’s intent What is science of control systems and procedures used to improve the commander’s understanding and support accomplishing missions. What is mission command warfighting function the related tasks and systems thatdevelop and integrate those activities enabling a commander to balance the art of command and the science of control in order to integrate the other warfighting functions What is mission command system the arrangement of personnel, networks, information systems, processes and procedures, and facilities and equipment that enable commanders to conduct operations What is an information system consists of equipment that collects, processes, stores, displays, anddisseminates information. includes computers- hardware and software- and communications, as well as policies and procedures for their use

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