Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Air Arabia and Integrated Enterprise Planning

Air Arabia and Integrated Enterprise Planning Project Charter for implementation Enterprise Resource Planning System Company Profile Air Arabia started its operations in 2003 following a directive from His Highness Doctor Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi (Air Arabia, 2013) . The firm later became a company limited by liability through incorporation. Air Arabia has two hubs with one of the hubs in its headquarters in Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates while the other hub is in Casablanca, Morocco (Air Arabia, 2013).The firm has more than 57 destinations specifically in Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe (Air Arabia, 2013)Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Air Arabia and Integrated Enterprise Planning specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Purpose Statement Air Arabia intends to install an Integrated Enterprise Planning system to aid its strategic objectives (Air Arabia, 2013). Scope Statement The project scope covers the following: iden tity integrating database, instructors’ compensation, employees, finance, public relations management, and data warehousing (Gulf News, 2005). Deliverables Enterprise Resource planning envisions three major deliverables. The first deliverable is system implementation where it is expected that the system will be in place as expected. Two, corporate process enhancement in which the system’s functionality remains without destroying efficiency and control (AME Info, 2005). Lastly, Enterprise Resource Planning should aid transfer of knowledge to equip intended users with proper information and to aid the company become more self-reliant. Goals and Objectives The overall goal is the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning system to meet the following objectives: improve the quality of Air Arabia online transactions, and human resource experience by way of self-service choices. Secondly, to design its corporate image for flight excellence and better passenger experienc e (Focus Soft Net, 2013). The third objective is designing of corporate intelligent techniques for improved decision making while the fourth is to improve the company’s corporate processes and lastly, to bring down information technology expenses and other expenses as well Stakeholders and Roles Main stakeholders include the sponsor, implementation steering committee, budget review committee, project director and consultant team leads. The sponsor, being the champion of the project offers strategic path for the project, obtains finance approval for the project, monitors continued commitment and collaborates with the implementation committee to ensure timely decisions (Focus Soft Net, 2013).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The implementation steering committee works to design the overall objective of the project, review and pass the project charter, avail nec essary resources and provide management assistance to the whole project team (Focus Soft Net, 2013). The budget review committee will review the budget accordingly on aspects like expenses, costs and meet on a monthly basis to advise the implementation steering committee. The project director endeavors to coordinate the project activities, offer administrative support, design and execute master project plan, and liaise with external stakeholders. Lastly, the consultant team leads will participate in the project administration process, and provide support in designing of a project plan (Focus Soft Net, 2013). Cost and Estimate Schedule The project is estimated to take up to 4 million US dollars spread over six phases estimated to go for two years. This cost includes purchase of software, consultancy, training of staff and initial maintenance (Focus Soft Net, 2013). Chain Of Command The project sponsor is the head of the project the chain proceeds as follows: Implementation committee, project director, technical lead, project coordinator, project consultants and various teams within the company (Air Arabia, 2013). Assumptions and Agreements The project has various risk factors. Insufficient funding may stall the project while different stakeholders may fail to play their role effectively. In addition, the scope of the project may introduce new risk exposures (Focus Soft Net, 2013). Communication Plan Communication will mainly take the form of the project charter itself, communication from the sponsor and proceedings of project status meetings (Focus Soft Net, 2013). References Air Arabia. (2013). Background. Web.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Air Arabia and Integrated Enterprise Planning specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More AME Info. (2005). Air Arabia Implements Focus Softnets ERP solution. Web. Focus Soft Net. (2013). Air Arabia. Web. Gulf News. (2005). Air Arabia Installs ERP Solution from Focu s. Web.

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