Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Islam in America :: Religion Islam

Islam One of the active "survivors" of practiced faiths in America is Islam. Before and even after the incident of September 11th, more and more disappointment, frustration and curiosity towards Islam and Muslims have aroused amongst Americans. The Reason behind those mixed feelings is that it is said that a group of Muslim "terrorists" were behind the tragedy that occurred to the Trade Center in New York. That has resulted in the lost of many innocent lives and corruption of the nation. Afterwards, Americans were intimidated by this religion, and what it brings to the world, so they sought to learn about it. Surprisingly, studies by Brendan Bernhard in his book White Muslim show that the number of converts after September 11th had risen in America more than ever before (Bernhard p.14). One may wonder how Islam attracted the American public despite the tragedy that has occurred and said to be done by the Muslims. The Book White Muslim gives an overview on different converts after September 11th. In addition, the articles Muslims in America After 9-11 and As the Smoke Began to clear give a closer look on the Muslim and non-Muslim American reactions after September 11th. Moreover, September 11th drew eyes on Afghanistan (Muslim nation that is run by the Taliban movement, the accused leader of the attack of September 11). Therefore, Muslim women of Afghanistan were discussed numerously in America; through the topic on the unjust treatment they face living as Muslim woman. Afterwards, the controversial issue on American Muslim woman arose in America about their way of life as Muslims. To get a clearer idea on this particular issue, in Muslim Women in America what is previewed is the Muslim woman's role and her place in Islam and American society in general. The book als o discusses the difficulties Muslim woman face living in America as well as the reason behind American woman converting in Islam. The article Living a Muslim in American Society also addresses the difficulties faced by Muslims in general living in America. A closer look at Muslim woman converts may be previewed as well through the articles Islam Our Choice-Portraits of Modern American Muslim Woman, and The American Harlot. Accordingly, one may wonder how and when Islam approached America, as it seems after September 11th Muslims are noticed to have a fairly large number of followers that are spread in some states of America. Going back in history when America was discovered and it was then called the New World, enslavement came about.

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