Sunday, September 8, 2019

Home Environment and Environmental Audit Research Paper

Home Environment and Environmental Audit - Research Paper Example Finally, I would like to thank my parents for the warm influence and love which has been a source of inspiration for me for the successful completion of the work. Home environment and energy management assumes great importance in modern society as it ensures clean and hygienic surroundings and risk free environment. The environment in which people live is prone to serious epidemic diseases that can cause deadly threats to human kind. The efficient management of home surroundings protects home and its inhabitants from pollutants which contribute to the outbreak of serious illnesses to the people and make damages to homes. Similarly, energy management at home is also essential as it ensures savings of energy and money. The need for energy management is seriously felt in the present day world because of high cost and shortage of energy. Management of energy saves the money and resources not only of individual doing it, but that of the whole society and country as well. Thus, from macroeconomic point of view, energy management is indispensable for a country to sustain and develop in a situation where resource shortage is a serious issue. The two main energies used at home today are gas and electricity. It is indisputable that these two sources of energy are highly essential in human life and are dangerous at the same time. This calls for an efficient management of energies and the emissions that come out of the usage of gas and electricity. The usage of electricity emits carbon dioxide and it is likely to have adverse impact on human lives. A recent report documents that "in the UK, carbon dioxide emissions fell by 5 per cent between 1990 and 2005 despite a 43 per cent increase in GDP" (The Challenges 2006, p. 2). Turing to the impact of consumption of gas energy at home, the environment is affected by Benzene, one of the pollutants of the present day world. It is found that in the UK, 90 of the environmental pollution occur as a result of benzene (Air Pollutants 2006, Table 2, p. 34). It is also estimated that "Carbon dioxide contributed 85 per cent of the potential global warming

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