Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sigmund Freud and Phallic Stage Fixation

Ferris State University 1. According to Freudian theory, is Steve aware of why he interacts with women on only a sexual basis? Steve is superficially aware of why his interactions with women are exclusively sexual, but there is an underlying issue with his mother that prevents him from having a deeper connection with women. 2. What type of psychic energy motives Steve, according to Freud? Libido, that controls sexual drive, is what has been motivating Steve over a majority of his life. . Which of Freud’s personality types does Steve display? What evidence is there for it? What would have caused it? Steve displays the personality of someone that uses defense mechanisms such as displacement and reaction formation. Due to the neglect by his mother, Steve has taken then experience and is taking it out on women around him. 4. At what Freudian stage is Steve fixated? What evidence is there of it? Describe the stage and how it contributed to the fixation.What would have caused this f ixation? Steve is fixated at the phallic stage of development. The evidence is that he is constantly looking for that sexual pleasure. With the lack of attention he got from the opposite-sex parent (Mother), Steve became focused on getting the kind of pleasure he desired, resulting in him being stuck in this stage of development. 5. Others might express their behavior differently than Steve if t hey were fixated at he same stage. Give some examples of how they might behave. While Steve’s hyper-sexual behavior is due to his phallic stage fixation, another person fixated at the same stage may act differently. For example, a person may instead seek sexual attention from people of the same gender. In another instance, a person could become fixated with themselves and unable to engage in sexual relations with another person.

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