Friday, September 13, 2019

Palm Feedback Loops Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Palm Feedback Loops - Essay Example The managers have been able to identify three probable generative feedbacks that drive the scenario specific environment into a new situation, that is, the movement from the centralized to the decentralized power generation (Ramirez and Van der Heijden, 2008). Various growing companies have basically found new and useful ways that help them develop their institutions and attain their goals. With the help of the new initiated ways these companies have been able to develop successful client feedback programs that mainly go forward through the many challenges that were there right from the start. These companies did not build the elaborated and centralized client research system but instead the firms started their feedback loop just at the leading edge. Employees of these firms mostly got to know how the firms work was doing and how much they (the firms) were appreciated by receiving evaluation of their performance from the various people (basically the customers who got services from these firms and appreciated what the firms were doing) who were much able to rate the firms and render their appraisal and views on the firms. The keen employees would usually take note on what the customer/clients were suggesting or recommending on a one on one conversation. The employees follow up the customer’s suggestions and see how they could implement them into the firms and get the customers a more desired and appreciated services all over. When deciding on how to formulate the suggestions, the employees usually take note on what the customers/clients have stressed much on (what the customer’s value more) and how they can deliver the requests of the customers in a best way (Dullweber, Markey and Reichheld, 2009). The companies (the growing companies) compile all the suggestions into a data form; the complied suggestions are usually arranged correctly looking at the

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